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Our goal for each of our clients is singular—the safety and well-being of happy employees. For over 20 years they’ve trusted us to secure them the best member-owned group captive policies, lower the cost of claims, and to safeguard the long-term health of their businesses. We know every company is different, so our team of knowledgeable experts is on hand to tailor just the right blend of our human resources, risk management, and regulatory support services for each one.

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A group captive firm that puts people first

Industry Innovators

We believe that companies who put the well-being of employees first should benefit the most from their insurance, so we provide a method of asset protection that rewards businesses that focus on workplace culture and safety.

Captive Experts

Our team of workers’ compensation and compliance professionals offers unparalleled support in both protecting clients’ assets and strategically managing their insurance decisions. 

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Our clients are responsible, financially secure, and put the well-being of their employees first—and our 20+ years of service show them that we do, too.

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Our clients are the biggest advocates of our service, our work, and the benefits of captive insurance. Learn more about how group captive has changed the way they do business.

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